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Nice to meet you, I am Wendy van Voskuilen (1982) and owner of The MatchMaker. After a fourteen year career as recruitment manager and HR busines partner at multinationals within the industries of FMCG, biotech, and audit & consultancy, I was thrilled to start as an entrepreneur. The moment I caught the idea that it would be exciting to help people find their perfect match, I could no longer ignore that thought. My bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and a master’s degree in business administration, combined with my conversational experience across all HR themes – in particular in the field of talent acquisition and coaching with regard to, amongst others, leadership and career – make me a pleasant and successful matchmaker.

In those fourteen years, I conducted several thousands of job interviews. I was strongly focused on a cultural fit in all these application processes. Obviously, the hiring manager had hiring requirements regarding work experience and study background, but I was very keen on the motivation, mindset, skillset, agility and potential of candidates. And as a matchmaker, that is still the same way I am working. I look for sustainable matches, regarding who you are, how you live your life, and what you expect from a long lasting love. Most companies deploy recruitment specialist to attract and hire good candidates for their vacancies. So why shouldn’t you make use of a specialist to find your significant other?

I really enjoy taking all the preparations out of my clients hands to find suitable candidates. Besides, it gives me great satisfaction to show added value in my coaching; how can you make a better connection during the date, how can you show your true self and how can you find out if your date could be your perfect match?

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Wendy van Voskuilen

"I strongly believe that people can feel better connected during a date when both persons show their strength and vulnerability."

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