My approach

A diligent intake

Pleasant, genuine and transparent

Showcasing your profile

Visible in the right media for a successful search

Interviews with the candidates

I meet every candidate personally to make the best match

Dating time

Coaching in preparation for the date and reflecting afterwards

No match, what now?

I continue the search for you with undiminished enthusiasm

An intake with care

You will receive an extensive questionnaire in advance. During the intake we can go in-depth where necessary, so I truly understand who you are, what drives you, what makes you happy in life and what you are looking for in your significant other. The intake takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and will take place at your home, unless you prefer another place.

An important first step, where you do not want a cross-examination, but a real conversation. You want to feel heard, get a good impression of my way of working and want the experience that the contact between you as a client and me as a matchmaker is pleasant, genuine and transparent.

Showcasing your profile

Based on the intake, I write an anonymous, customized profile for you in a positive and realistic manner. I will align the text for your profile with you and I will advise you on which printed and/or online media channels your profile will get the best response. In addition, I will submit your profile to the singles in my network if I presume that there will be a strong mutual interest. Let the reactions pour in!

An important part of a successful partner search is giving your profile visibility in the right media and that is where The MatchMaker is distinctive and successful.

Interviews with the candidates

I conduct in-depth interviews with every suitable candidate to find out if someone could be your perfect match. I only share the (anonymous) profile of the candidate with you, if I honestly have the impression that a date could be promising. Sometimes this could be within three weeks, other times it takes two months or longer. After all, it is all about quality. If there is a mutual interest, I share the candidate’s contact details with you.

The MatchMaker makes the difference in this phase. Because I have spoken personally to you as well as the candidates, I am able to make the best possible matches based on thorough analysis and intuition.

Dating time

It is all about getting to know each other, so take your time for a date. This could be dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a cozy boat trip with some finger food and fine wine. In any case, a date where the setting is such that you can get to know each other well and pleasantly. After the date I will contact you to look back and reflect, as briefly or extensively as you like.

How to date during the corona pandemic? There are certainly possibilities to create good date settings, even at 1.5 meters distance and with no or limited access to nice restaurants or classy cocktail bars. Would you prefer to connect online first before meeting face-to-face? I offer practical tips and am happy to think along with you!

Dating can be fun and enchanting, but sometimes it can also be a bit exciting or uncomfortable. I’d love to be of added value and coach you on how you can better connect during the date, how to show your true self and how you find out if your date could be your perfect match. I strongly believe that people can feel better connected during a date if both persons show their strength and vulnerability. As a matter of fact, coaching services are included in the price of the personal matchmaking services of The MatchMaker.

No match, no end of story

I spend 6 or 12 months looking for potential partners for you. I will introduce to you respectively a minimum of three or six candidates, unless you indicate that you are already in love. If a date with these candidates does not lead to a beautiful relationship, I will continue my search for you with undiminished enthusiasm. We will also discuss where I can refine my search based on your feedback. If I unexpectedly am not able to find a new love for you within 6 or 12 months, I can continue the search for you at a reduced price.

Does my partner search approach appeals to you?

Call me for an informal introductory meeting.